Monday, October 5, 2009

Finding the Right Web Hosting Company

As I move forward with launching a potential new website that would allow me to offer memorabilia for sale, one of my key resources is Web Hosting Geeks. I've always liked this site because it's like one-stop shopping for a hosting domain. These days there are numerous companies out there, but when shopping for a hosting company, you have peruse sites cautiously. They aren't all the same.

One of the things I love about Web Hosting Geeks is that they provide all kinds of information about web hosting businesses. A first glance gives the consumer a rank and a quick summary of each company, from 'cheap hosting' to 'editor's choice'. At yet another glance, you can see what kind of space the company offers, the traffic allowed, and the cost, as well as bonus features. For more detail, shoppers can read reviews of sites they are interested in.

All of this is free at Web Hosting Geeks. As an 'on a budget' webmaster, being able to compare websites on an independent site is extremely helpful. It gives me some good starting information that ultimately saves me time in my web hosting company shopping. I've visited this site many times to learn about companies and definitely recommend it to others in the market for a hosting company.

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