Monday, October 26, 2009

Maria Shriver, What Are You Doing?

This is just shameful. Just a couple of weeks after her fiasco being caught talking on her cell phone while driving, which is illegal in California, now she apparently parked in a red zone for over an hour while visiting the doctor.

Maria, you are the supposed to be the First Lady of California. People look up to you, not just for that respected position, but as a representative of the Kennedy family. You are disrespecting all of us, and your heritage by doing these outrageous things. You are not beyond the rules. What would Uncle Teddy say?

Get it together, Maria. You certainly aren't doing your husband any good right now. In fact, you're dragging him done. What a shame. I used to respect you so much, but your disrespect of the law and your meek and lame apologies just aren't cutting with me anymore.

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