Friday, October 16, 2009

NASCAR Nationwide Invocation -- Inappropriate

There's a time and a place. I love NASCAR and I'm sitting here, working on a fic for my universe while watching the opening ceremonies for the Nationwide Race. It's at Concord, North Carolina. Well, we start with the invocation, a pretty standard little thing, spoken by some local pastor or faith person. This guy thought he was at a holy rollers meeting or something, though.

Honestly, I've never heard a prayer like this before for a race. He was almost in song, going on about having three-wide racing of banging and thrills. I was like, 'huh'? This is a moment that the drivers are with their families, and trust me, the wives don't want to hear what this guy was praying for.

I didn't pay attention to the name -- Joe Andresen, or something like that. I hope to never hear another word of praise from him because it was just in poor taste.

Last week during the NASCAR Cup Series race, Jesse McCartney messed up the national anthem. I mean, it was bad. He forgot the lyrics and ended up repeating, but at least he was singing the song he was supposed to sing. This Andresen fella needs a lesson in being appropriate.

Fortunately, Trace Adkins did a very nice rendition of the national anthem to get us through the opening ceremonies.

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