Monday, January 25, 2010

Farewell, Palmer Cortland!

Veteran actor James Mitchell passed away this weekend. Mitchell is best known for playing the wicked, wealthy, and otherwise sneaky and domineering Palmer Cortland on the soap opera, All My Children. It was a role he played for three decades. Personally, I couldn't stand the character, except for one or two brief moments when his first wife showed up on the show.

Mitchell's last appearance on AMC was for their 40th anniversary on January 5th. He showed the signs of illness, but he still had those strong facial features.

The movie role I always remember of Mitchell's was the hit musical, Oklahoma! He played the fantasy Curly dancer in a long sequence.

While not really a fan, I appreciate Mitchell's contribution to AMC and he was from my hometown, so I felt a mention was appropriate here.

Farewell, Palmer!

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