Friday, January 22, 2010

Hope for Haiti

Tonight is the Hope for Haiti benefit organized by George Clooney. I've been watching the live feed on CNN, though the west coast viewing on networks doesn't start for a couple of hours yet. Though I've been struggling to get by myself, I had to give a few dollars. I, at least, have a roof over my head. Those people have nothing at all now. It's been so hard to watch on the news.

I did get to have some fun. For the first time in my life during one of these celebrity things, I actually got to talk to a celebrity. Molly Sims of Saturday Night Live was the one who got my call. Then all of a sudden, there was Chris Pine of Star Trek. It was a two-fer as Molly called it. Then all of a sudden, Olivia Wilde of House, M.D. got into the act. How fun as that? Pretty fun.

I know it's hard when we're all struggling, but I hope we all come together to help this country in need.

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