Saturday, February 13, 2010

A Furniture Look that Fits You

People are so concerned with image and style and sometimes that gets in the way of doing something simple and easy that would make their space more livable for them.

One thing we finally did last summer was review the dining room area. My mom had a classical looking set. It was her style. My parents bought it second hand as I recall. I wanted something different, more modern. Dining Room Tables are in our direct focus every day of our lives. We wanted something that didn't make us cringe or take us back to memories of childhood.

While I'm not really concerned with what others think, I just wanted something more functional. This is a small house, so I didn't want such a long table like my parents used.

It may be unconventional, but we actually took the small circular table from the crowded kitchen and put it in the dining room, replacing the table that was there. You know something? It looks great and is functional, how we want it to be.

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