Friday, February 19, 2010

Wedding Blues

Earlier this week, I saw an interesting story about a couple who got married at a White Castle restaurant. Apparently, the bride works there, and she didn't have money to have a wedding, so her co-workers got together and arranged for her to have the wedding there. Another couple made the news for getting married at McDonalds.

When I watch Bridezillas and see how demanding and ridiculous those women are (and don't get me started on the idiot grooms -- these marriages will be lucky to last a year and certainly not a one will make it through a lifetime) in planning their weddings, it makes me sick.

I'm all for having the wedding of your dreams, if you can afford it. These days, though, parents of the bride don't have tens of thousands of dollars to pay for these magical weddings. People get so stressed. Is that really what a wedding is about? Screaming and yelling and saying awful things to people who you supposedly love? Is that one day more important than a lifetime?

A lot of couples today do what they can to cut wedding expenses. I actually heard one couple recently say that their wedding day was just one day, and while they wanted it to be memorable, they had a lifetime to live together. They couldn't justifiable spending $10,000 on a wedding. If they did, they couldn't buy their home. A one day event or a home to begin a life of forever together with? For them, the answer was simple.

Personally, I like their choice. It's a good perspective.

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