Thursday, March 4, 2010

It's a Mobile World

I was talking with some friends a while ago about cell phones. They are in the modern age, with Smartphones and sophisticated systems that have apps galore for just about anything. I, however, am still in a passing age where a cell phone is just a phone. There's internet access, but I don't use it. A big part of this is probably financial. I like the feeling of having a phone at the ready, so I have one for emergency use only, which is economical for my very limited budget. I have a huge carry over balance because I just don't use the phone. I barely remember to charge the thing.

On their phones, my friends do everything from email to games and now TV and movies are getting into the race. I love the entertainment world.

It seems logical that the mobile phone world and the still popular movie world are going to intertwine. Creative folks might want to get into this thriving combination and can get an idea of what it's like to obtain film licensing to make a go at this as a career.

I'm not that creative myself, and since I still have a regular cell phone, it wouldn't work for me. Still, I am just amazed at the focus and continual upgrades in the mobile world. Technology just never ends.

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