Wednesday, April 7, 2010

April Sunshine

The sunshine has returned, at least for a few days. We've had great weather here in Northern California. I've been enjoying it, especially since my email issues were resolved. It was a scary thing not to be able to reply, forward, or compose email. I'm thankful someone new their stuff and solved the problem for me.

April 8th is the latest episode of Supernatural. I don't watch this series but I will be then because Michael Shanks is guest starring, and he's a big favorite of mine. There's a chance his Hawkman character could recur on Smallville next season, and I'm thrilled about that. Michael's wife, Lexa Doig, is on the new V and while I love to watch Lexa, I just can't convince myself to watch the new updated V.

I just read an interview with Lisa Niemi, the widow of Patrick Swayze. She's hanging in there, but still going through a lot of pain in dealing with the blow in life that Patrick's early death has caused her. She's strong; she'll get through, but right now, those are just words for her. She has a lot of people praying for her, though. She's very much loved, as Patrick still is, too.

My dogs are loving their Kongs. In fact, Kong Classic just came out with a new X-tra large size, and I'm so glad because that's exactly what they need.

Onward to the next post!

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