Monday, June 7, 2010

It's Monday!

Happy Monday morning. It was a very hot weekend for me. It's the first time this year I've turned on the A/C, but the fact that it was this late in June that I did that was a good thing.

The Pocono race proved to be full of fireworks, even though it had a long rain delay. I was crushed when my favorite, Jeff Gordon, ended up with nowhere to go and plowed into Kasey Kahne on the last lap. It was a bummer.

I've been moving video tapes around. I have so many of those things on hand. I wish I had one of those units where you can put in your VHS tapes and record it onto a DVD that is part of the same unit. The space I could save is absolutely incredible.

In the past, I've had some things transferred professionally. It's a very handy and easy way to convert precious items recorded on a video tape, but it can be an expensive proposition to do such a thing. Still, the product received back is always top notch and so easy to store because DVDs are so much more compact.

My sister recently had a number of things put onto DVD as well, including old family 8mm films.  I use a company that has proven to be ultra reliable over the years.

Oh my gosh. I have the news on and just heard it was 93 degrees yesterday. I knew it was hot, but I didn't realize it had gotten that high. Now I understand why I was compelled to hit the 'on' button for the A/C.

Until later, have a good week!

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