Friday, July 23, 2010

Irene Dunn's Money Tree

Don't you wish that money grew on trees like it did for Irene Dunn? I'm referring to an old movie that is seldom seen on TV these days but used to regularly be shown late night, back before the days of cable. The great Irene Dunn played a woman who indeed had trees that grew money. I tell ya, I could use that right now.

First, my burners have gone out on my oven/stove. The oven hasn't worked in eons, but I have a convention oven that works great. I also have a George Foreman grill, only I need a new one because the top part is all messed up now. However, the real point are the burners. I have four, two of which haven't worked for a long time. Last week I went to use the burners to boil water for spaghetti and nothing. Thirty minutes later -- hot water but not boiling. Sigh -- I need that money tree.

Then there's my office chair. It's an old one a friend of my sister's passed on, but it doesn't stay up to where I need it. The thing slides down all the time, and it's too low in that spot. Man, is that frustrating. I need that money tree so I can shop for a new chair. A bonus would be to get a few other pieces, but they aren't as important as the chair.

Oh, to have that money tree. My sink in the kitchen is horrid. There are cracks that need to be caulked or something. Knock against the front wood piece and crud comes out. It's just not pleasant. I don't know the answer for that, or the decaying backsplash that is driving me nuts. I hate my kitchen.

To top it off, the connector piece on the pool sweep more or less exploded apart the other day. I'm having to investigate the cost of replacing it while the pool sweep now sits idol.

All of this is on top of my decision to have a whole house fan installed. My house retains heat like mad. It'll be 65 outside and 80 inside -- at midnight. I really think this is a smart choice, but it's using up every penny of that precious money I can scrape together.

I had been saving for a new TV. I love my projection TV, but it's on its last legs. It'll be black and white for anywhere from 5 minutes to 50 minutes before the color pops on. The blue element is unfixable and way off, so the lighting is just horrid. Sometimes it's so dark now I can't even see anything. So, I'd been saving up for a replacement. Like I said, the whole house fan is a smarter, more rational choice, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that my long time projection companion will hold on for a couple more years.

Irene, how'd you make those money trees?

Have a great day all!

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