Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Protection 101

Protection means all kinds of things to people, and it does involve a variety of issues. Primary to this blog and where we are, though, is the safety of utilizing the internet.

We have to be cautious and we need to ensure that we have as much protection on our computers as possible. There's virus scan, spyware, adware, trojans, and a host of other nasty bugs trying to interfere with our conversations and business.

Regardless of what you use, the smart thing to do is use something to cover as many of the bases as possible. Businesses of all kinds and individuals who use the computer for a half hour or twenty-four hours in a day all need to be their own heroes to keep guard against invasion.

Whether you need a big professional job or a small scale freebie program, the cool thing to do is to get it.

Speaking of cool, we've enjoyed a tiny cool down the last few days. It was a big surprise three days ago when we had 84 degrees for the temp. Now that was cool! Back up to the 100's in a couple of days though and I won't be cool then, sadly.

Happy surfing!

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