Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Checking Out Those Companions

Today is a scorcher, but in truth, it's the first triple digit day we've had in August, which is highly unusual. We're quite happy and okay with that, though.

I was thinking last night about how different the world is today from how it used to be. The prompting for that was an old, rarely seen movie called Betrayal. Remember Amanda Blake from Gunsmoke? She was the main star of this film, along with Tisha Sterling.

Sterling was hired by Blake in this movie to be a companion of sorts, but what struck me is that with no real information, Blake picks up this woman and takes her to her home. She has a resume, faked as it was, and that's it.

I just can't imagine anymore picking up a stranger like that. I'm such a believer in being informed. A background check isn't really an extreme. In the case of being a companion or where a stranger moves into a home, I'd call it a necessity.

It just makes sense these days to be cautious. Folks in the movie found that out the hard way, and the result wasn't pleasant.

The movie did bring on that eerie chuckle, though, about how much we've changed as a society.

Aside from the heat and watching movies, I did get to the dentist yesterday, and I'm headed for a root canal next week. I am so not looking forward to that.

Until next time, find some shade!

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