Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Education is everywhere!

Happy Hump Day as a pleasant Wednesday is midway through the day. I survived a big shopping trip to the store (haven't been in a month) so it was a long one.

After letting in the dogs, it was time to go surfing the internet. It amazes how much is out there to be perused and learned.  Isn't it something the wealth of information that is available on the internet now?

I actually saw a commercial on TV this morning about kids being able to attend high school online, legitimately, and not a GED. That's just wild.

A friend of mine is attending college online, getting a degree he's been wanting his entire life.

This is the best of what the internet can offer, education and, like the above mentioned article, helpful information and suggestions.

It's not school, but I'm off to take care of some business. Enjoy the day, and study, but not too hard!

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