Friday, September 17, 2010

TVs and Other Furniture Issues

It's been a nice day and evening. With the windows open to let in the fresh air, I watched a lot of programming, either live or taped, like the Big Brother season finale, which was pretty interesting, and the current episode of Project Runway which was more confusing than anything else.

I'll tell you what is odd, though, is that so much now I prefer watching shows on my monitor for the computer because it's so dang much clearer than my old projection TV screen. I love that TV, but it's just old and it's not sharp or true to color anymore. I am really hoping to somehow manage buying a new TV at the end of the year. It'll be an up to date flat screen.

Of course, that brings its own problems because I need a table or stand to put the new TV on. I don't want to hang it on the wall and where it needs to go, there really isn't room for it.

So, that means it will also be time to go shopping. Furniture shopping can be fun. I don't want anything too crazy and it has to be inexpensive. It would be nice to have a somewhat slender (by that I mean less than a foot deep) unit to rest the new TV on. If it had a couple of shelves for DVD and VCR units, that would be cool.

I also desperately need a new office chair. The only I have is broken and won't stay in place. It slides down all the time. The bad news is that I can't afford any of this right now, but soon, I do hope.

Friday looks to be a busy day here. Keep it safe, folks!

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