Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Frustrated with Palin's Influence

I have to tell you that as much as I was pleased to see Jennifer Grey move to the finals of Dancing with the Stars, that I was also shocked and dismayed to see Brandy voted off. Sarah Palin's covert mission to get her daughter to victory is a sad state of affairs.

Look, I think Bristol has come a long, long way. She's a ton better than when she started, but she is not better than the others in the top 3 nor is she better than some of those already voted off. She's been in the bottom 2 for something like 7 weeks. That says something.

Mama Palin isn't doing her daughter a favor, either. This is a real travesty. I don't blame Bristol except that I think she is starting to buy into the trash that she is being given from Mom and dancing pro, Mark Ballas. It's enough to make you wonder if something is going on between the dancing team besides dancing.

Brandy deserved to be in the finals, along with Jen. It should have been those two battling it out. Instead, it very well could be a joke, and if Bristol wins, it is a joke.

On another subject, one of my favorite websites just launched a new logo for their home base. It just really drives home how important logos are to company identity. When you're online, it's even more impressive if the logo changes to match holidays and such.

A logo is like a big billboard. Do it right, and travelers will seek you out. Do it right, there's always the guy down the road.

Finally, my contact dermatitis is still hanging on a bit. The swelling is pretty much down, but my hand is still a nice deep pink shade, and I have to say that it itches like heck sometimes. Now I think I have a tooth about to explode in achy breaking style, too. When it hits, it hits.

Until next time!

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