Friday, December 10, 2010

Shanks on Smallville, and more

It's Friday! Everyone loves a Friday because it's the beginning of the weekend. I certainly can't argue with that. What's fun about this particular Friday is that tonight is Michael Shanks' last appearance on Smallville. He plays Carter Hall aka: Hawkman. The episode is entitled Icarus, and it should be a good one.

My latest neat gadget that I'm growing to love a lot -- the personal heater. It cuts back on the central heat bills, is safer than a space heater, and it keeps me warm. It won't heat up a room, but it keeps me toasty, and that is what counts.

Have you heard that Kelsey Grammer is engaged already, before his divorce is even final? I can't even say I was surprised. These days, people don't even bother to be separated first (think LeAnn Rimes). This creates a lot of business for lawyers.

I really wish folks would put more efforts into their relationships. We just give up too easily. Part of it is the mobile aspect of our modern living. That's why I tend to be more traditional. Maybe things are just too easy.

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