Monday, December 6, 2010

Sound is so Important

I mentioned earlier that I'd done some Black Friday shopping. One of the buys I acquired was a 19" flatscreen TV. It isn't an expensive one, just one of those things that if it lasts a year, that's good. However, I forgot about sound issues. This I should have learned from my first flatscreen computer monitor, purchased earlier in 2010.

So, I'm pleased with the TV, but the sound is just weird. What I need is a good pair of TV speakers to augment it and make it more normal and pleasing to the ear. What I like about this site is that they give reviews on speakers for various types of televisions, like plasma and LCD. There's even a wireless category, so it's completely up to date.

Speakers can sometimes be overlooked; that is, until you turn on that new television. I'm glad to have this site to go to now to help me make a decision on what kind of speakers or speaker system I need to purchase.

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