Friday, December 17, 2010

Stargate Universe Dies; Is there hope for an SG-1 Movie?

The Stargate Universe was dealt a blow when SyFy confirmed cancellation today of Stargate Universe. Personally, I'm thrilled. I didn't like that show at all, and I do blame it for keeping the Stargate SG-1 movie from getting done.

Is the Stargate legacy finally over? Or will fans, maybe, just maybe, now get the long awaited SG-1 movie? This was to be the swan song in a way, a team movie that would heavily weigh on Richard Dean Anderson as Jack O'Neill. It was to be one final romp, the way fans want it, through the universe.

The only thing I fear about such a movie is what the unpredictable producers might do with the 'ship' element, that being the relationship between Jack and Sam Carter (Amanda Tapping). I would hate to see anything devoted to that. Even 30 seconds or a mere mention would be too much.

What I want to see is the team, exploring. I want to see Jack and Daniel (Michael Shanks) with their caring friendship that had them sometimes butting heads, but being best friends. I wish Jonathan Glassner would produce the movie.

It may be time has marched on, but with the end of SGU, it gives fans just a hint of a prayer that maybe this promised movie could get made.

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Pam H said...

I'm a little ambivalent about the cancellation. Sad in that the gates is closed. Not unhappy in that I really did not like the show. To be fair, I didn't give it much of a chance when I heard an actor state, in a promo for the show, that "Universe" would be more of a character driven show. I was like, "wtf?" What was SG-1and Atlantis? I know that I watched because of the characters. Oh well, it will seem very weird not to have a Stargate program on SyFy.

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