Monday, February 7, 2011

Shanks, Flooring, and Setting Records

Wow, 70+ degrees for three days straight. We've been setting 'hot' records right and left, much to the chagrin of those shoveling their cars out from the snow.

Anyone watch The Commish? I just got the set on DVD and one disk is really wacky. I called the manufacturing and they sent me a replacement, and surprised me with the complete set Renegade with Lorenzo Lamas. I've only seen a few of those shows, so that will be new television. I thought it was super nice of them to do that, too.

I really need to clean my kitchen floor. It's vinyl so not all that difficult. It's showing signs of its wear, though. Laminate flooring is curious to me. I wonder how that would be. I just always want whatever is the easiest to clean. That's my #1 buying concern with most anything.

I watched a couple of Michael Shanks movies on TV over the last couple of days. Desperate Escape and Judicial Discretion were both on. He's a bum in both of them. Well, not a bum, but not pure, either.

Onward onto the next!


katieallen said...

Hi "Orry" I have been trying to find you! this is "Swee" (or Katie) I just want to say hi and see how you are. I have thought about all the time we spent together on Prodigy and have found a couple of the old gang. I just don't know how to find you in a less public forum. I'll check back and see if there is a message for me here!

Orrymain said...

My goodness gracious! Hey there! How ya doing? Shoot me an email -- that's my first and last name, the number '1'

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