Monday, April 4, 2011

Lesson from Japan and Medical Generosity

It's still Monday, and I decided to speak out on a few more happenings of late. For example, over the last 4 days locally, a massive health clinic was held. It was absolutely free to absolutely everyone. No questions asked. If people needed care, they had vision care, dental care, and medical care, including X-rays and such. It was hugely successful to the point where they had to turn away people every day, and to get in, people stayed in line all night long. Some 1,000 people were helped every day, except for the last day, which had 500 since medical personnel were more limited.

Kudos to the medical professionals who donated their time to help so many who are without insurance in this dangerous economic time.

The Japan disaster continues to worsen as far as the radiation situation from their nuclear reactor. I just have to say again that I wish the younger generation would take to heart just how dangerous nuclear energy is. Older folks remember Three Mile Island and Cherbynol. I've discovered in forums and such that the proponents of going forward with nuclear are those who weren't alive when those two events took place I pray that something positive will come from Japan's situation, that being that younger Americans will say 'no' to the advancement of nuclear energy and say 'yes' to putting our time and money into alternative energies which are safer for all.

Lastly, the new jobs report is out for my area. We're behind the nation still, so there's a long way to go. Some folks are hiring, though, including AT&T. Hope is out there; you just have to look hard for it sometimes.

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