Sunday, May 15, 2011

Thumbs Down to Carl's Jr. and a Hopeful Recovery for MTM

Winter hasn't quite left us yet. We've had nice, Spring weather for all of May until today. Temperature drop of 20 degrees and thunder to accompany the rain. It won't last, though. It should be gone and the 80's back by mid-week.

My BOO HISS for this post goes to the west coast fast food chain, Carl's Jr. They have a commercial out that states that they've included skinny models because, as the commercial states, no one wants to see a fat one. I have phoned in my complaint over this and have stopped patronizing their locales. The older I get, the more important it is that we stand up for what we believe, and I just think that ad is not what should be on the air in these days of self-image.

Link of the day to check out is my shed plans review. It's a good one for the woodworkers, pro or amateur, out there.

Finally, a shout out to Mary Tyler Moore. I just finished watching 5 years worth of superb comedy with her on The Dick Van Dyke Show. I laughed so hard, and I've seen these shows numerous times over the year. Moore just had brain surgery to remove a benign tumor that they've been watching for years. Swift recovery for Moore is my hope!

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