Friday, January 13, 2012

January's Value

Welcome to 2012, and more specifically January. For some it means a month of resolutions to follow, or break, and for others it means time to go skiing. Some start shopping for presents for the next holiday season, and some just want to relax and not think about anything. Then there are the football fans. For them, it's the season of the Super Bowl. NASCAR loves are enjoying Preseason Thunder in Daytona! January is so many different things to people around the world.

For me, I'm continuing with my goal to homecook meals for my dogs. After learning what is in commercial dog food, I vowed last fall to do this, and I have been. They still get some dry dog food, but it's a premium product without those harmful by-products and cannibalistic elements. I've seen a difference in their activity level, too.

I've been sick the last few days, shivering under my covers and ignoring the internet. I just finally had to get up and do something; hence, here I am, updating my sadly un-kept blog.

Today was the final episode of One Life to Live. I was impressed mostly that on the mantle of the Lord manor were photos of Lynn Benish and Lee Patterson, two performers who were my favorites back in the early days of the show. It's a shame more of the original characters didn't get some attention. With All My Children gone, that leaves General Hospital as the lone ABC soap and rumor has it, it is not secure at all.

Have a good one, folks!

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