Thursday, July 31, 2014

California Republican Candidate Poses as a Homeless Person

It really is an intriguing story, how Neel Kashkari, the Republican candidate for governor of California, lived for a week as a homeless person recently.  Kashkari is barely recognized in the golden state where Democratic incumbent Jerry Brown often makes headlines.  Like it or not, Brown has an appeal to Californians.  He's down to Earth in ways other state leaders are not.  It's something that has carried over from his first round as governor decades ago.  However, I doubt Brown would ever go homeless in his quest for re-election.

You can see a local news story on the happening here.  I actually think it's neat that Kashkari did this, if only because it creates discussion.  People have a lot of fabricated ideas about people on the street; many don't realize just how easy it is to get there.

So much for politics.  Now I'm going back to watching a vintage episode of "Daniel Boone" that has been sitting on my DVR for a couple of weeks.  I miss the old westerns and this one was pretty decent, even though now that I'm older I'm more aware of some of the show politics that went on between the cast members.  I guess it's just part of humanity; still, I recently learned that it was essentially Patricia Blair that forced Veronica Cartwright off the series.  Cartwright talked about it an interview that I saw.  Apparently, with the youthful actress growing up and starting to be paired romantically with characters, Blair felt threatened that she was made to be older.  Actresses are sadly vain like that all too often, and it's a shame since the redhead was a very beautiful woman.

And with that, I revive my Orry's Orations blog, at least to some degree for now.  Anyone out there?  Have a great day!

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