Saturday, June 28, 2008

Nascar, Gas, and Saturday afternoons!

Hello World!

I had to work this morning, and I almost forgot my keys. Egads, I only just found them after losing them. What a start to the day!

On the way to work, I noticed that gas prices had actually dropped! Wow! I couldn't believe it. The other day it was $4.57, and today it's 4.49. What did I miss to cause a dip? I'm not complaining, especially since I need some of that fuel, but I was surprised. I'm sure it won't stay at that price, either.

On the flip side, there's Wendy's. Honestly, just a year ago, I could get a combo with drink for $4.34. Every couple of months, the price has gone up. This week, it's up to $5.15. That's a huge jump in less than one year. I really love their burgers and fries, especially the bacon cheeseburger, but I can't afford that. When the price jumped to over $5.00 for the combo a few months ago, I started just getting the burger and a small fry. Now, I'm about to downsize again and just get the value menu fry, which is a dinky thing, but $5.15 is ridiculous for just the burger and fry.

After work, I came home and turned on the end of the Nationwide race; that's the 'minor league' of NASCAR. I was shocked to hear Steve Letarte's voice. Steve is Jeff Gordon's crewchief. Apparently, he was doing a little freelance today as an expert for the broadcast on ABC. While only seeing the last 70 laps or so, the race must have been unusually incident free. Their wrap up lasted an hour, which you just never see on network TV. Normally, they're cutting off the interviews to get to the next show! It was nice, actually, to hear some extended post-race coverage.

I went through my email -- discovered more offers that had verified from GPTCashcow, and that translates to money in the bank eventually. I was disappointed with an email saying my blog didn't quite qualify yet for a sponsored blogger program that I wanted to sign up for. I'm doing everything I can to earn some cash, and doing some paid blogging seemed like another good possibility. When my blog reaches 'of age', I'm going to try again. Wish me luck!

The best part of my regular mail was my check from Global Test Market. That's another survey site I use a lot. If anyone wants to join up, just send me your name and email, and I'll be glad to refer you. It'll get a few points. I didn't realize how much my points there were worth --- it was a really nice surprise.

I'm still struggling with my SG-1 fan fiction muse. She wants to come out, and she's toying with me, but nothing is quite forming yet. Last month when things seemed so hopeless, the muse went into hiding. That hurt, because my fic writing has really been my sanity for many years, and my readers are the best! They are so loyal and true! I hate not having anything new to share with them. It's been a long road, recovering from the depth of despair that I was in. With the future uncertain, it's still hard to move forward, but I am trying, that's for sure. The muse will reemerge! We are both determined!

Now that I almost just choked on a milk dud, thereby waking them up from their naps, the dogs are clammoring for some Mom-time, so off I go!

Later all!

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