Friday, June 27, 2008

New article, ad promos, and unwanted critters!

Evening Readers!

It's been a long couple of days. I've had an interview to try and get some assistance for survival, and I'm hoping that goes through. Odds are slim, but I am staying positive. My financial situation is such that, when combined with certain physical problems, just make this necessary, or I'm gonna have major problems by the end of the year.

This is one of the reasons you see all the ads on the right side of this blog. They are there because every time a reader clicks on them and either buys or joins up, whatever the case may be, it helps me. I'll be rotating these ads periodically. Please try and use this as a jumping off point for these places; and don't forget to check out my writing at Helium.

Tonight on Helium, I added my position on the subject of whether or not texting is ruining communication. It certainly is popular, that's for sure.

I had a lot of offers verify today over at GPT Cashcow, which is always good news. I hope you've joined, or will consider doing so. That and Vindale Reasearch are the two sites I believe in so much. The Cow is a place where you can earn money and have lots of fun in the forum, and Vindale is a great way to try out products and evaulate websites while being compensated. Their links are on the right side of this blog.

Yesterday, while some friends were helping me to put the garage sale items back in place, we discovered hints of a ... grrrr, rat. Two boxes had been chewed. This is so not good news. I haven't heard anything, though, which is definitely good news. I had to have the pest control guys come out and do their thing today. They'll be back to check it next week.

It's possible the critter hasn't been around in recent times. The gnawing on the boxes appeared to be fairly new, but it's impossible to tell just how recent. I sure hope the little fella is long gone.

I recall as a young girl we had a huge rat infestation, caused by a home nearby where someone had died. When folks went in to finally clean the place out, rats spread out everywhere. It was horrendous. Everyone in the area had problems. Anywho, one rat got in the house and ended up locked in the cupboard with the ironing board. My sister and I actually stuffed little bread crumbs through the holes. What can I say -- we're animal lovers. Yes, it died, but I made sure I wasn't around for that.

During that same time, I'll never forget this one rat event. We fed our beagle, Tammy, outside at the time. She hadn't eaten all of her dinner, though. Well, here came this huge rat. I swear, he looked around, moved slowly, sauntered up to the dog bowl, peeked in, sniffed around, then walked away. A minute later, he returned -- with mama rat and three baby rats. The five of them took their positions on the dog bowl and ate the dog food.

Tammy was never again fed outside! Oh my! It was a crazy scene, but we all stood in the dining room, watching it happen outside.

It took a long time to get rid of all those rats, but we finally did. It was calm until just a few years ago. Apparently, we had a rat or two in the attic that devoured part of the central air piping and whatnot. Fortunately, never saw them. I don't want to, either.

So, apparently, it's rat time again, but I'm hoping he's already gone. I don't intend to spend much time in the garage until after pest control returns next week. Yeah, I'm chicken! Did I mention I recall the time when my mom and sister chased a rat through the house? Happily they closed my door and handled it on their own, somehow chasing the thing outside. Eeeeeewwwww!

On that note, gonna watch part two of "New Order," an episode of Stargate SG-1. I love certain scenes in this one, although it's an episode that triggers the beginning of the end for the series I love so much.

Have a good evening!!

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