Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Night owls, Nashville Star, and Patrick Swayze

Here it is, the wee hours of the morning, and I'm still up. I've been a night owl my entire life, and here I am again! I've been over at the forum on Cash Cow just chatting with another member. It sure is a fun place.

I'm also watching a show I taped earlier tonight, er last night, called Nashville Star. I like a lot of these reality competition shows. This show has been on TNT for the last few years, but NBC owns it now and has chosen to air it on Network. Billy Ray Cyrus is the host this year. This show never has the same host or set of 3 judges every year. It always changes. Wynonna did it one year, Leann Rimes another. I believe Nancy O'Dell hosted for a year or two before they went to the celebrity singing hosts. It's nowhere close to the success of "American Idol," but it's always been interesting.

Anywho, been sitting here thinking about Patrick Swayze. He's my absolute favorite performer. I've been lucky to meet him a few times. I treasure those moments and conversations. He's such a nice, caring human being. Most everyone is aware that he's fighting Pancreatic Cancer, but he's gonna beat it! Patrick has a tremendous will and strength that comes from within. He really believes that 'pain don't hurt' stuff that 'Dalton' from "Road House" expounds.

Patrick's TV series 'The Beast' has been given the go-ahead by A&E, proof that he is succeeding in his battle. This is his first series since his very early days when he did a short-lived show called "The Renegades," not to be confused with that Lorenzo Lamas thing called just "Renegade." That show was a sort of "The Mod Squad" thing. I actually liked it, but it just didn't do well and only had six airings. I wonder if there are more episodes, never aired, around in some vault somewhere.

I adore Patrick. I was actually a very late comer to the Swayze bandwagon. I didn't see "Dirty Dancing" until the very very very end of its run, when it was at a drive in with two other movies. I liked it, but it didn't knock my socks off at that point. It was years later when I discovered the magic of Patrick. Actually, it was the year my father died, and I think I was searching for something special. I didn't want to like another performer, but "North and South" came on, and I just fell in love with it and his "Orry Main" character. I began researching Patrick and liked what I learned. One thing led to another, and I became a SwayzeManiac.

One of the things I love about the man is how devoted he is to his wife, Lisa Niemi. They just celebrated another wedding anniversary -- 33 years. Together, they have a true nation of two. They really don't need anyone or anything else, and it shines through brightly.

This photo is from a few years back when Patrick and Lisa danced together at the World Music Awards that Patrick hosted. It was the first time they'd danced together professionally on TV. Since then, they finally made their dance movie, "One Last Dance," that is a somewhat autobiographical story of their love of dance.

Every night I pray for God to bless the Swayzes as they battle this cancer. If anyone can beat it, it's Patrick. He's done so well. Regardless of whether or not you believe in God, please keep him in your thoughts. I, and he, too, also believe in positive thinking and good vibes.

Not quite ready for bed. Think I'll head back over to Cashcow for a few minutes. I really should be going through some papers, but that sandman is finally beginning to make sleep sound like a good idea.

Have a good one, folks! Later today, I'll be adding some info about the other websites and some tips for the gpt sites.

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