Monday, July 14, 2008

Cassie and Review Stream

Good morning world!

It's been a long three days. My black lab, Cassie, was very sick and scared the living daylights out of me. We narrowed it down to one of four things, including the new dog food I had just purchased (Purina). I called Purina, and they said they hadn't heard about any problems, but they did recommend discontinuing the food. I did, and since I had it delivered, I had Safeway come and pick it up, which they did because it was the manufacturer's recommendation.

The concern about the food on my part wasn't ingredient based, but storage based. As has made national news, our hot temps and smoky conditions has made it very unsafe. Safeway does not use air-conditioned vehicles. My delivery was at 8pm at night, and they load those vehicles at 6am. I believe something could have happened either then, or somewhere else in the storage process, considering regional conditions. The bag itself says the food should be stored in cool areas.

I was suspicious because Cassie only ate half her food. Not only that, but Tessa didn't eat all of her dinner either. Now that's a first. My dogs are not finicky eaters. They both run to their food and gulp in down in one swoop; no exceptions, so for both of them to do that at the same time, well, it got my attention.

However, my sister also just cleaned out our pool and retrieved a large rawhide bone that they dogs had apparently knocked in there. It's been there for months probably, and in that time, she's put a lot of chemicals in the pool, including algae killer. When she got the bone out, she just let the dogs have it. We've thrown it away now, but it's possible that the rawhide was infected with the chemicals, and eating a part of it could have made her sick.

It could also have just been the heat and particulates in the air because of the fires. They had just said that even the healtiest of folks could start getting sick if out and about.

Regardless of the reason, she was really sick, and it scared me because of how sluggish she was. Tessa has seemed fine, though. Anywho, lots of good vibes, prayers, Gatorade, and rice later, Cassie has rebounded and is almost 100%. Tessa is outside eating grass at the moment, but she has been okay.

The two related downsides to all of this is that my knees are really hurting more this week. I had to move quickly and do more than usual in caring for Cassie over the past three days, and it's made an impact on my poor knees. Ouch!

Then there's the A/C that I've kept on and low because it's so hot in this part of the house anyway, and Cassie was lying there with her tongue hanging out. I had to keep it cool for her. I'm soooo afraid of the next A/C bill. Not sure I'll be able to pay that one.

So that's been my dog trauma and why I haven't updated this.

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Audrey said...

So, the dog is doing ok? Both of mine have scared the daylights out of me at least a few times. I know how scary it can be.

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