Tuesday, July 15, 2008

More GPT fun, Cassie and my knees, and This 'n' That

Good Evening Campers!

The latest team race is ongoing at my favorite gpt website -- GPTCashcow. Last week for the first time, players who signed up in the forum for the race were assigned to teams. At the end of the week, $200 was split up as a reward for the three teams, depending upon how they finished. It was just a little extra something given out by the admin there to make it more fun to do offers and to build the comraderie among those in the forums.

The competition was very close, and it was actually a tie for the winners. Now we're in at the start of a new race. It's not a whole lot of extra money when divided among all the players, but it is extra, and it sure is fun!

If you haven't tried a GPT site yet and are looking for extra money for Christmas or something extra, if you apply yourself, you can easily make $200 in a month. See my GPT guide in this blog for step by step instructions.

Before I head on back to the Cow to work some more on offers, I woke up this morning just hating my knees. When Cassie was so sick, I really did a lot of movement that I shouldn't have been doing. You know how it is. When a family member is sick, you come second. I had to check on her outside all the time and see what she was doing, 'bathroom' wise, and then just really tend to her in the house. I knew I was doing a lot of up and down the steps, and it was hurting. Boy oh boy, this morning, I think it all set in. I couldn't wait to take the pills the doctor gave me. It's helped, but I can tell my knees are rebelling against the last several days of activity.

Cassie, obviously, is doing so much better. She's running around, driving me crazy again as she and her sister run circles around me! Crazy dogs -- and I love 'em both so much!

The heat has come down to more normal temps, and the smoky haze that has engulfed the area is finally ebbing. I let the girls stay out longer today as a result. It's nice not to look out the window and see a foggy mist where nothing but bright light should be!

The latest edition of Big Brother has started, and, yes, I'm watching it. Too early to know if I'll love or hate it, or if I'll even care. I'm still very attached to season 1. It's become cut-throat since that golden season. Anyone watch The Singing Office? That's a fun show on The Learning Channel, a more gentle reality show.

Have a great evening and Onward!

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