Friday, July 18, 2008

Happy Friday!

It's been a day, and I'm glad it's Friday!

As an update on my GPT fortunes, I did receive another check from Cashcrate today for my participation there. That's two. It is a proven site, so if you are interested in GPT, please don't hesitate to try them out.

Of course, my favorite is still GPTCashcow. We're in the middle of our second weekly team race there, which just adds to the fun. The forum there just hops, and I'm really hoping people will continue to try it out.

Two more reviews up at review stream. Remember, I get 'paid' here when you answer the question 'yes' to 'Did you find this review helpful?' You click the button and press the 'yes' box. You will then see that the number has gone up. That's how you know your vote went through.

Articles #10 and #11 are up at Helium. Here, I get credit by traffic, meaning people who go and are on the article page. There is no voting.

I've also been making the rounds at various work at home forums, trying to find something to bring in some money. It seems like that's my main focus anymore. I miss writing as much as I was for my SG-1 fandom. I've had to cut back on that a little to try and bring in cash. I did just publish a new story last night - "Lifesigns", based on the "Lifeboat" episode.

Right now, Cassie and Tessa are outside, playing, even though it's late. I continue to be so grateful that Cassie has recovered for the most part. Her stool is still loose a bit though. I'm thinking I might get her some more rice and see if that helps. It made a huge difference last week. Too cute -- just as I am typing this, here comes Tessa, looking in the window. I think that's the 'let us in now' request, so I suppose it's time.

"Zero Hour" was on for the 6pm Sci-Fi showing. It's a nice episode featuring Richard Dean Anderson when his character adjusts to becoming the general. I have issues with the final scene, but mostly, Rick shines in it. His presence was so missed when he left the show to be with his little girl.

Patrick Swayze continues to improve, from what I'm hearing, and unless a strike by SAG prevents work for going on, "The Beast" will start filming in Chicago soon. I'm so glad Patrick is beating his cancer. It's still very scary, and certainly no guarantees, but he's a strong man. If anyone can beat this pancreatic nightmare, it is Patrick!

I love using the name Orry Main as my 'handle' at most every site that I sign up for. People recognize it. In fact, just this week, I sold an old Philco radio to a man who brought up North and South (the mini-series where the name comes from). It's a great conversation starter, and I like honoring Patrick by using this name as my handle.

We've had two good air days in a row, so now if my knees would just cooperate, maybe life can get back to normal. I really overdid things when Cassie was ill, and boy, can I tell. It reminds me of my mom years back. She couldn't carry a box, but one time, when visiting her hometown in Oklahoma with her twin sister, who has MS, a tornado was coming. Her sister fell, and my weakling mother, picked her up and carried her to the shelter. It was a life or death thing. That's what I keep thinking about right now. Cassie is my baby, and I did what I had to do. It was fine then, but now my body is rebelling.

I added a Technorati banner on the right side of this page. If you like my blog, please click there to vote for it. Thanks!

Onward to tomorrow!

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