Sunday, July 20, 2008

Latest Review

Howdy, everyone!

My latest review is up at Review Stream, and it's for Michael's movie, "Under the Mistletoe". Sure wish I had that on DVD. I'd be watching it over and over again, if I did. It was on again last week. Last night, "Judicial Indescretion" was on, but I didn't realize it and missed it. Wish that would come out on DVD, too.

Under the Mistletoe review

Remember to look for the box below which is always after the reviews and the series of google ads -- click the circle and press the 'yes' button and then you'll see the number by 'votes' go up after the page refreshes. I get paid 10 cents per 'yes' vote. It may not seem like a lot, but it adds up quick! You do have to be on the page long enough for them to think you've read it :}

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I also was approved to join up with Pay Per Post, which sounds like a neat way to earn some money by blogging for various sponsors. I didn't really see any good opportunities for a newbie there last night, but I'm remaining hopeful and will chart my progress here, as I do all of my attempts at working at home to earn money to pay those pesky bills and buy the groceries.

I'm also excited because I'm just 39 cents away from my very first affiliate check from Amazon! Thanks to all my supporters who are using my link here on this blog to shop from Amazon. One more order should give me that first pay out. I'm very grateful!

Have a great Sunday!

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