Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Heat and GPT Update

Good evening! It is hot, hot, and did I say hot here in California. 107 degrees -- just unreal! I'm just not a heat person at all. I'm so afraid to see my bill next month for the A/C because I've had it on so much. I know it's gonna be high.

I updated my GPT Hints and Tips, which I should probably call a 'step to step' guide on how to do GPT sites. You can see it listed on the right hand side, under the listings for posts this month. I'll have to figure out how to make that link always stay accessible. I don't want it to get lost in the archives. If you're curious about GPT sites, my guide would be a good place to start, and once again, I want to highly recommend my favorite site -- GPTCashcow. We just started a team race competition for the week, something that is making doing offers extra fun, and this weekend, we'll be playing Family Feud, GPT style, for cash. Can't beat that!

Went a round with the Safeway delivery guy today. I'm so tired of this. With certain physical limitations right now, it's often just easier for me to pay the delivery fee, especially because the big items I'm ordering are dog food for the girls and bottled water. I've always asked the drivers to put the dog food (big bags, usually forty pounds or more) in the container right on the patio, and then to put the water in the kitchen, stacked.

Numerous times over the last few years, I've gone over with the store manager, the 800 number people, and others, exactly what we, customers, are allowed to ask the drivers to do. Each time, I've been well within the scope of what we are allowed to ask. Every now and then, I get a rebel hot shot who thinks they don't have to do anything. I'm sure they are surprised when I follow through and report them.

So, tonight, I get another one. He wasn't totally rebelling, but he'd had a long day, and I was the last customer on the route. Believe me, I understand -- 107 and eight hours of doing this. Unfortunately, I need his assistance, and that's what I'm paying for. It was more of a verbal volley than combat, like some of them have been, but, geez, it's just too hot. Just do it and you can go! lol He did, and he did.

I saw Stargate SG-1 -- Continuum, the new movie last night. It's all over the internet, even though it doesn't come out on DVD until August. I was disappointed that Richard Dean Anderson was a minor player in it, though his few scenes were very good. I was pleased, on the other hand, that the "Vala" character was also minor. The less of her, the better. Likewise, I was pleased that the much-touted injury to our beloved Daniel was relatively brief and handled before the movie ended. It was far less painful to watch than I thought.

So, just like Ark of Truth, this direct to DVD movie, gets a thumbs up from me, with a few reservations. For example, Colin Cunningham is seen at the beginning, but doesn't utter a word that I can recall. The late Don S. Davis is wonderful to see, but he has just one, curt moment with SG-1. I would have liked to have seen more of him with the team. The story had him basically with William Devane's character (the President). I wasn't impressed with the musical score, either.

On the plus side, the cinematography is awesome. Seeing RDA again -- priceless! There is a very quick Jack and Daniel 'insiders' moment if you can catch it. I love Daniel's line to Jack about being his best friend in their timeline (finally, the phrase is used). Best of all, there is no 'ship' in this movie. It's all team, and, at the end, it is team -- Jack and SG-1. Vala, thankfully, stays behind. Too bad it's not forever. She really needs to go be with her husband and leave Earth behind.

That's it for now. I have a lot of email to catch up on, and I want to get back over to the Cow to see if there is anything new!

Have a good one!

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