Friday, July 4, 2008

July 4th, Twilight Zone, NASCAR,and this and that

What a day! I'm zonked, and it's not because we did anything to celebrate Independence Day. On the contrary, I mainly cleaned today, moving things around, trying to clear space.

One of the things I did was to move the dogs' crate, toy box, and water bowl. I actually think they'll like it better where I have it now, but I had to spend some time helping them to adapt to the change. A few treats helped with that ('really, it's the same crate; here, have a treat' - lol).

Along with moving things, which I really shouldn't be doing, but if I don't do it, no one will, I cleared out some junk. Trust me, I have lots of junk. I did achieve my goal, but, yawn, I sure am tired now.

Played around on the computer a bit today and did a few offers. Cashcrate went a bit anal because in my first few messages to try and help newbies, I listed another website. I should have checked the TOS, but didn't so my fault there, but when someone else mentioned it was a no-no, I changed it just to reference my how-to post.

Their actions just reinforced for me how crazy that site is. They are finally adding a few things, I noticed, for the first time in ages, but they really do have 'attitude' there. They gave me a infraction and removed my 'email me for tips' signature. I suspect one of the powers that be there must pose as newcomers to see what folks are sending out, or they just snooped and read the messages, which any site with a message setup can do.

Ironically, I've received lots of good feedback because unlike most tip communications, mine really does take you through the process, step by step. For a newbie, it's what they need. Oh well. It was fun helping the folks, though. I still wish I knew in my first couple of days what is in my guide.

Jeff Gordon didn't do very well in qualifying for the big race tomorrow night, but it's Daytona, and starting position doesn't really mean much. At Daytona, things change every turn. It's wild! He's due for a win, so I'm hoping he gets the checkered flag. If not, I just want another good finish. He's 6th in points now as they get closer to the Chase (the final 10 races of the year that the ultimate champion emergences from), and that's a good place to be.

Also watched some of the Twilight Zone marathon over on Sci-fi. Those never get old. I so prefer the classics of yesteryear to almost everything that is on today.

Published another of my happyfics, a silly thing called "No Yes No" so fan fic folks, check your email!


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