Tuesday, March 17, 2009

After Midnight

I watched Dancing with the Stars tonight. The stars are dropping like flies on that show. They really don't have a stellar cast this season anyway, so it's a little dull. I do like Shawn Johnson. She's just 17, but she has a shot at winning. She's got competition, though, so it won't be an easy battle for any of them.

The article of the day is right here, and the review of the day is right here. For the articles, just going there works. For the reviews, you need to vote.

I'm still so unsure about the dentist thing. I feel very stressed about it, and believe me, stress is something I don't need any more of. Time to stop thinking about it again. I need to go write some more reviews to try and get some money to pay these pesky bills.

And shouldn't the AIG big wigs just be drawn and quartered for their latest antics? We bail them out and they give themselves bonuses? And then they dare to say they have to legally? Without the bailout, they wouldn't be employed! I want to see Obama get some action here. Stop blaming the old administration (not that they aren't guilty) and do what you promised, Mister President.

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