Monday, March 16, 2009

Monday Odds and Ends

It's Monday, and that's mean the dentist has come and gone. On the good news front, the gunk from the right side of my mouth has all healed just fine. On the bad news, he thinks there is another problem on the other side. He wanted to do a root canal, but he's just jammed with appointments, and there's no room. My insurance runs out on Friday, and honestly, I don't want another dentist. I'm just so private and finicky with anything medical, including the dentist. I trust this guy. I'm probably an idiot, but I'm just gonna wait it out and pray for the best. I don't wanna go to someone new right now. It's too hard to get around, and I'm so sensitive to pain. Stress -- it's stressful just thinking about it.

Had a surprise in the mail -- a coupon for a free jar of Skippy Peanut Butter. I must have registered at their website or something. It was just a nice letter, assuring me (and I assume a bunch of others) that they aren't involved in the recall mess with peanut butter. I'm sure they've had a drop in sales.

For the fan fic group, found out yesterday that one of my stories was nominated this year for the annual fan fic words. That's always a cool honor, to know someone likes a fic enough to nominate it, so thank you, whoever you are.

I'm still aiming for Wednesday to publish one of the stories. Not sure as yet which one it will be, though.

More later this evening!

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