Friday, March 13, 2009

I'm Back!

It's really hard sometimes to keep a blog going when life looks gloomy. That's been my experience, anyway. As I continue to struggle to get by, it's get tougher to write about silly little things, even if they make me smile. Still, I think it's important to try. As I continue to try and figure out how to survive, now as a displaced, laid off worker, it's more important to try and keep a healthy mental attitude. As such, I'm going to try a bit of a new approach here. Maybe just share one tidbit I've learned or read about, or something that's made me laugh. Maybe then I can post more frequently and give this blog some meaning. I'm also going to highlight some of the things I do that bring in money for me in which you can help, just for surfing or voting, or whatever.

My beautiful dogs are doing great. They continue to make me smile just by being themselves and playing. They are joy, pure joy. I totally believe in the love and power of pets. They are amazing.

Helium article of the day! Just surfing over to this link helps me earn money. You don't have to vote or anything -- just go there and read! This article concerns the safety features in NASCAR. I am a big NASCAR fan, and this short piece details some of the reasons why it's a much safer sport than it used to be. Click here to read!

Review Stream item of the day! Now here, you need to go to the site and then vote that the article is helpful to you. This is a little box, currently shown below the article, over on the right hand side. It says 'has this article been helpful'. You have to click the circle with 'yes' and then hit 'submit'. Then you'll see the page refresh and the number of votes will increase. If you get a message that says to read the article, it means you need to just let the page sit for a minute or two. It is timed. Then vote. Today's review is for Wendy's Restaurant. It currently has 17 votes, and to pay off, I need to get it to 50, as I do all of my reviews. You can only vote once per ISP. Click here to read and vote!

I must admit that I was thrilled to see that California is going after Howard K. Smith and the doctor who gave Anna Nicole Smith all those pills. I don't see how he can say he loved her when he abetted her by giving drug after drug after drug to her. It'll probably plea out or something, but Smith and the doctor deserve to be held accountable for their part in keeping Anna Nicole drugged to the core.

I was reading an article over at Helium about chivalry. It was a debate on whether or not it was dead. That got me thinking about a possible story for my fan fic universe. I'm thinking of doing something with Aislinn and Jenny, and some of the boys on the block. Aislinn is a boy magnet, and Jenny doesn't really care. It might make for interesting contrast, if I can do it right. Is chivalry really dead? Maybe the girls and boys of the neighborhood will answer that question for us.

Fan fic wise, I do have two stories that are about to be published. One is beyond the series and one is from season two. The latter is just a short ficlet that takes place the day after the One False Step episode, but it popped into my head the other night, so I wrote it. The first one is a short story about a couple of the brood who have an unexpected adventure. I'm wondering if my beyond the series stories focus too much on the brood and not enough on Jack and Daniel. Shrug -- don't know, but sometimes it feels that way, but I do love those kiddies.

A final note. The tabloid trash is just that -- trash. Please do not patronize junk like the National Enquirer, publications that thrive on the bad times of others. Their latest attack on Patrick Swayze is just shameful. It's full of lies and untruths. Patrick is fighting and doing just fine, all things considered. He told People Magazine that he even has a new dog, another Rhodesian Ridgeback. People's time, energy, and money would be much better spent sending up prayers for Patrick and donating the money they'd spend on the trash to StandUP2Cancer or some other reputable organization.

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