Friday, March 13, 2009

Leap of Faith

Well, I had stopped watching Ghost Whisperer many episodes back. I was livid when they killed off Jim and had his soul do the 'Heaven Can Wait' thing and leap into another body. David Conrad, who plays Jim, did an interview this week and talked about how pivotal tonight's show would be. There was so much talk about fans not being disappointed that I decided to take my own leap of faith and watch.

Bravo! My leap of faith was rewarded with a much more satisfying end than that which came to Warren Beatty in HCW. I'm happy with it. In fact, I shall return to the Ghost Whisperer fold, as long as they don't botch it up in forthcoming episodes.

Finally, a happy ending, although there are about a thousand questions that still need to be answered!

And now it's back to watching Celtic Woman. They are magical to listen to.

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