Friday, March 20, 2009

It's Friday!

It's Friday, and I'm still here, kickin'! I survived my root canal, obviously. It's probably the smoothest root canal I've ever had, and I"m hoping it stays that way. I'm feeling okay at the moment, and I want that to continue. I have a great dentist. It's so nice to be reminded that there are caring people in this world. This guy skipped his lunch hour to make sure I was taken care of before my insurance ran out today. That's pretty cool.

I'm still stunned at the death of Natasha Richardson. It sure does impress upon folks the importance of wearing helmets on the slopes, even when just learning, like she was. It also points out how any fall should be looked at. I'm sure there are going to be many painful days of second guessing going on from the people around her on that fateful day. What if they had insisted Natasha be checked out? No one can say for sure what might have been, but it's a horrible thing to have to live with. There's no guilt to be assigned here, and from all the reports about this kind of injury since the accident, maybe some good can come from this.

The lessons to be learned here are simple. Wear a helmet and if you fall, get checked out. Natasha had that lucid period doctors talk about and after that, it was too late. Hopefully, someone will learn from that and not lose their life.

I'm very excited! When I got home from the dentist on Thursday, I had an email from Helium. One of my articles on NASCAR won a contest. That's some desperately needed cash, so I was and am thrilled. I appreciate everyone who takes the time to surf over to my articles.

For my fan fic folks, I'll try to get the next story published this weekend, Monday at the latest. I do hope everyone enjoyed the story published late Wednesday night. It was just a short ficlet. This next one is a bit longer, and it's a beyond the series fic that has a potential new revelation for some of the brood. It could be interesting for the future. Then again, maybe it's nothing at all! Only the muse knows for sure.

I do have two longer stories that are in process. I actually was in the middle of incorporating the Ori story into the universe. However, it's a major undertaking because I'm writing the real story, not what we saw in canon. :} Also, the entire two years is being condensed into less than two months, so it's a fast paced series of events that have our heroes in crisis. I was about halfway through it when my disability claim was denied and I went into a panicked downward spiral. I am still having to focus on trying to earn money, somehow, in order to pay the bills. Right now I'm okay through March, but at mid-April, I'll have big, big, big problems. Until things settle, which hopefully will mean having my disability appeal approved (I hope and pray), I just don't have the time to work on any lengthy story. I hate that because I need my universe, but it's just how it is. The stress is tremendous.

Anywho, the other story is also beyond the series. Alex gets to work more magic in it, something required after a lot of toe-bumping in the middle of the night. It'll make sense when you read it. Of course, I have to finish writing it first. One of these days, and hopefully, that will be sooner rather than later.

Today's Helium article is located here, and today's featured Review Stream review is right here. Once again, just going to the article helps me, but you need to vote for the review as being 'helpful' to make it count with the review. Feel free to pass these links on to your family and friends! :} By the way, a reminder. If you'd like to write reviews or write articles for Helium, please let me know so I can refer you; that way, we both win!

It's a NASCAR weekend. The racers are in Bristol. I sure hope my favorite, Jeff Gordon, has a good race. He didn't qualify as great as I was hoping he'd do, but qualifying isn't nearly as important as taking that checkered flag. Go Jeffy go!

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