Friday, March 20, 2009

MacGyver Complete Set DVD Problem

Has anyone had this problem with the complete MacGyver DVD set that I'm about to explain. A very nice person gifted me with this collection recently. The problem is that she's had it about a year and purchased it from a seller off of eBay so I can't do anything simple like return it. This set was new, though, and still had the cellophane on it. Many of the disks have these white blotches on them. The make the dvd pause. Sometimes it stops and goes back to the first scene; sometimes it stops and skips forward to the next segment; sometimes it pauses, freezes, then goes forward, or pauses, jumps forward a tad, or goes in slow motion until it resumes normally.

I've never seen anything like this before. Has anyone else with the MacGyver set had this problem, or does anyone else know what this problem is, period? I'm looking for suggestions on how to fix it and make the affected shows more watchable.

Here are four photos of the blotches, or at least, the best I could get of them.


darlena said...

Looks like the discs are covered in dust and dirt. I haven't had the same problem with my MacGyver set but my Stargate SG-1 boxset discs have had some of the same problems. I have cleaned my discs with a soft moist cloth and then a dry one.
Think it has something to do with the packaging to make them go that way.

Orrymain said...

In researching this, I learned something about those thin cases that studios use now. Many of those are bringing about problems like this one. They aren't sure if it's a chemical response to the plastic or what, but the thin disc ones are sometimes having problems. This MacGyver set though is boxed. There's no plastic to it at all. The disks are in an expandable cardboard box. It's very weird.

corey3rd said...

I'm thinking that in order to make these Complete Sets, Paramount took the discs out of returned Season sets. The original season sets were in double sided slimeline cases. This is how you can have the residue discs in a cardboard package.

I wrote about it last year

Orrymain said...

I read your comments on your site and that's pretty much what everyone is saying, too. I think you're right about them pulling DVDs from individual sets to make the complete set. While seasons 1 and 2 were the same, season 3 is a totally different color, etc. If they were creating DVDs for a set, they'd all be the same. So, all of these could have been in those nasty slim packs. The problem is still persisting. Season 1 was the worst. Season 2 had issues but wasn't as bad, even with the blotches on the dvds. I'm just starting Season 3. There are blotches but so far no viewing issues, but I'm only on the first disc. Think positively for me!

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