Monday, March 30, 2009

March's End

March is ebbing and April is about to dawn. It's a trying time for me as I'm getting down to my last means in terms of survival. I'm trying not to think about it too much, but I don't know if that's smart or not. It's just scary. There's only so much I can do anymore, and asking for help is tearing at me, too. To top it off, folks have their own problems, and they've already helped me out beyond my wildest expectations. The well is about to dry up and I'm honestly not sure what will happen by month's end.

I'd rather be worrying about the judges scoring on Dancing with the Stars or dissing on the powers that be who ruined my favorite TV show, and I'm trying to do that as much as possible. At some point, though, a person has to face reality.

My entire future seems to hang on whether or not the disability will come through. The odds aren't on my side, but without it, I'm totally lost. Enough of my sad reality.

I thought Jeff Gordon might finally win a race on Sunday. He had the lead for a long time in the first third of the race, but couldn't quite pull it off. He finished fourth and actually gained some points as he continued to be the leader in points.

I'm on season five of MacGyver as I try to work my way through the DVD problems. It seems that the set was definitely put together by taking individual sets and putting them into the complete set. From what I've read, Paramount has had a ton of problems with DVDs from those thin pack cases. I wasn't that worried about the first two seasons because I have those already, and the third and fourth seasons weren't all that bad. There were just a couple of places where there problems. Season 5 seems to have some problems though. One disc that has one of my very favorite MacGyvers (The Log Jam) will barely play. I've tried rubbing alcohol and have switched over to Windex, which is helping but not enough. I want to try the toothpaste thing, but mine has whitening formula in it and everything I've read says to use a regular toothpaste. I can't afford to buy toothpaste just for my dvds so this is going to have to wait. In the meantime, I keep applying Windex, but I'm worried about overdoing it.

I'm going to stop with the daily articles and reviews; didn't really look like it was having any effect. If you want to vote for my reviews, many are listed on the right hand side of this blog (you can't miss it - right under the big smiley face), and the link to my articles at Helium is also on the right. Thanks for those who spend time doing both for me.

Onward to a new day!

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