Wednesday, April 15, 2009

April Scents

Here it is, halfway through April. I've been fighting computer problems with a frustrating mouse, but I just had to get online and take care of some business, and I decided to make a post while I was here.

For the first time this spring, I've had my doors open, and that's brought in some scents of the spring, and that got me thinking about perfume. Hey, it's not a stretch! I love a perfume that reminds me of good things, that is pleasing but not overpowering. I tend to love florals with a whiff of roses. Maybe that makes me traditional, which is okay, because I am. ;} I've been experimenting with a lot of perfumes over the past year, and I've discovered some lovely favorites, such as Nina from Nina Ricci. My all time favorite, though, is still Elizabeth Taylor's Passion. I've gotten more compliments over the years on that one perfume than any other. It makes me feel good and it lasts. I really adore it.

Trying new perfumes is exciting. You never know what new personal treasure you might find in yourself with a new scent that's come out, or maybe even in an old standby that you've seen but never used. I also enjoy finding out what others think about the scents of the year. I'd like to recommend a site called Talk Perfume where you can learn more about what's available these days. I consider perfumes a delightful treat. This site is a growing place that can help to educate on the current perfume market. Drop on by and see what scents you might discover.

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