Saturday, March 14, 2009

News and Notes

Not a lot going on today. I've been sorting through magazines and going through papers, getting rid of a lot of stuff that is just taking up space. However, I've had fun while I've been doing it. A very nice person just gifted me with copies of the Legend TV series with Richard Dean Anderson, so I've had gorgeous RDA during the afternoon to help me with my projects.

Friends and I have also been debating the big scene at the end of the Burn Notice finale when Victor (Michael Shanks) was killed. Who pulled the trigger -- Michael or Victor? It's a huge debate, and there's evidence on both sides.

Today's featured article on Helium is right here. Remember, just surfing there helps me out. This is my thoughts on the whole Paul McCartney and Heather Mills divorce thing. In a nutshell, I think Mills is nuts.

Today's featured review is right here. Remember, in order to help me, you have to vote on that page that the review was 'helpful' to you. The page is timed; it's usually best to let the page stay open a couple of minutes before voting. This was my take on The Ark of Truth, which is scheduled to finally air on TV later this month. There are 27 votes so far. 50 is the magic number for all reviews.

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