Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Getting Your Blog Noticed

As I've maintained Orry's Orations, I've struggled with ways to make it better and to attract more visitors. Being read and seen is important. Otherwise, myself and others like me would be essentially writing to ourselves.

One of the ways that bloggers try to spread the word is with blog rolls and other similar blog-type sharing links with other bloggers, but I've just found out about a neat site that will do even more promoting our blogs, and it's free. The site is called My Blog Directory.

At My Blog Directory, you can simply add your blog to the appropriate category, or you can try to become their Blog of the Day. When you're the blog of the day, your blog appears on their home page. That's bound to bring in traffic! The blog of the day is based on unique visitors sent by the blog per day. Also, blogs are listed randomly, so each time you refresh, you see different blogs.

It sounds like a site with lots of potential, and I'm definitely going to try it out for myself.

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