Sunday, May 24, 2009

Experiencing Your Car-to-Be

Buying a car is a serious matter. We need all the help we can get. A lot of times these days, people are going online in search of details on the vehicles they're interested in. I found a place today that is super awesome because it plays videos of cars it reviews. Imagine that! We get to go along for the ride watching Audi videos or Acura videos or perhaps Aston-Martin videos.

I actually watched a video on the 2010 Honda Insight. It really gives you a feel for the car. You can see how it responds, watch the displays as they are working, and view how the car drives in the city and in the country. It's much more vivid and helpful than reading a magazine article or playing with a 3-D display. Those are helpful in their ways, but there's nothing like experiencing the car in motion, and that's what you get with this website.

Clicking the above links result in a multi-media event. Along with the videos, there are written articles and reviews, as well as galleries. There are news stories, too, including announcements about upcoming auto shows. There's just a lot to take in. It's one of the most relevant automotive sights I've been to because it's informational and current and because it helps me to do more than just visualize a vehicle I'm interested in, I can practically experience it.

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