Saturday, May 23, 2009

Getting Ready for Summer

Summertime is approaching, and the living is hot, hot, hot. It's time to prepare for these hot days with a new swimsuit. What do you think of this navy butterfly suit? It's a little low cut for me, but I love the navy color that actually looks a bit more royal blue to me. You can't see the back, but it's a very secure cross back with spaghetti straps. It has a belt, but I'm not much of a belt user with bathing suits. This cooling outfit is made of 80% cotton and 20% spandex. It's imported and requires hand washing, which is the part I don't like about it. I think it's an attractive piece that looks like the ocean.

I found this item while looking over the collection of bathing suits at AmiClubWear. They have a huge variety of one- and two-piece suits available at pretty good prices. I do wish there were at least a couple of swimsuits that were on the modest side, but then I'm pretty traditional with my taste. A higher neckline on this one would have made it perfect for me. I do love the colors and different patterns to choose from on the website; there's definitely something for everyone.

Whether sitting around the pool relaxing, taking a cooling swim, or vacationing in the tropics, there are some very good swimsuits available for purchase at AmiClubWear.

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