Saturday, May 16, 2009

The New Strategy

Dubli is leading the way to a new and innovative way of doing business on the internet. This exciting strategy is referred to as the reverse auction. It's a creative process that aims to have the consumers saving 40 to 60 percent on goods from a variety of the best manufacturers. Dubli is offering an inventive and proactive way of doing business with the ultimate goal of helping buyers to get the very best brands and services for the absolute best and most competitive price.

Through the Dubli Network, a buyer can peruse the network for items they're interested in and place their bids for products or services they need. It's a win-win situation for the seller and the buyer both.

In Dubli, all types of entrepreneurs, marketers, and other business people can thrive by taking part in this creative way of offering products to consumers. It's a style of business that is on the increase.

A reverse auction is downward pricing. Unlike other sites where bids drive the price upward, in a reverse auction, bids do the reverse. Prices go down, allowing for some tremendous savings on a host of products. All of the products offered are quality items from top-notch manufacturers. As Dubli states on their website, they are a friendly group of folks who are offering a wonderful new platform through which dreams can become a reality. It's intriguing and definitely worth a look!

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Stewart06 said...

Interesting post,

The Dubli Network has come up with one of the most unique innovations on the Internet today and it’s called a reverse auction. Dubli combines these methods and gives it a twist: the reverse auction model. This new model is sure to give you the discount you’re looking for. The idea of a reverse auction is that with every bid, the prices actually go down, as opposed to the prices going up in a traditional auction.

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