Monday, May 18, 2009

Playtime for Real

Now here's something fun to do that can help with your financial future. UMOO is an online virtual stock trading game. It's simple to use and really pumps up your competitive juices. This fantasy game is low risk but comes with a real opportunity to win, which is very cool.

Again, it's easy to participate. You buy-in with a fee to enter the tournament of your choice. With the virtual money you're given, you build your portfolio based on live stock market activity. None of this is pretend; it's actual stock market data. Naturally, you want to make as much money as you can, outdoing your competitors in the tournament. If you've done the best job of maximizing your portfolio, then you reap the rewards and win a prize.

In the process of playing this game, you're learning how to sell and trade on the stock market. When you're ready, you can take what you've learned and play the real thing, ultimately bringing in some actual money, increasing the portfolio that really matters in life.

UMOO is fun, competitive, and instructive. It's a fantasy game that is easy to play and that can give you the tools to venture into the stock market and change your life.

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