Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Robert and Holly

So, I'm finding myself watching General Hospital again, but only for a couple of weeks. There's this whole thing about Ethan and who his mom and pop are. Most think Holly is the mom, and the real question is dad. Is it Luke? Or could it be Robert? I want it to be Robert, because I'm a huge Robert and Holly fan.

Here's why that won't happen and why I'm wasting my time watching for the big reveal. Well, okay, it's not a total waste. Emma Samms is one of my favorite celebrities. She's a sweetheart, and I've always liked her, so taking in her short comeback is really nice, even with the new hairdo. Anywho, it won't be Robert's because in real life, Emma and Tristan Rogers had a relationship that was very strong, but Emma ended it, and Tristan never really got over it. They rarely appear on GH together. I think it's hard, and that's understandable, even with all the years that have gone by and the other relationships/marriages each has had.

Still, in my heart, Robert and Holly are still together, living happily ever after in Australia, which is how their characters were written out when both left the show about the same time. Everything since then is just an alternate reality!

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