Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A Surprising Idol

Surprising, yes, but a shocker? NO! American Idol loves to shock. Fans are unpredictable, and that says it all. Tonight, the dark horse, Kris Allen, was dubbed the American Idol, and no one was more surprised than the humble Allen himself. I like the guy. Most thought Adam Lambert was the shoe-in. Last year, they thought the same about David Archuleta. America loves to surprise. Like Archuleta, though, Lambert doesn't need the Idol title. He is a star.

What I love about Kris Allen is that he never changed. He did this his way, with faith and honesty. He bucked the system, and he won the big prize.

No tears for Lambert. He'll be signed by morning. Danny Gokey shined, too. I'll be very surprised if most of the season 8 performers don't go on to success. They were the most talented cast of the entire series.

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