Thursday, June 18, 2009

Is PayPal fair?

I need to share my latest frustration, and it's all about the PayPal monopoly on the internet money market. I was there at the beginning, when they first started. Just about everything was free at that point. Once they got individuals hooked, they targeted businesses, and once they had those all lined up in a row, the fees began, and they've continued ever since.

On June 1, without any advance notification to users of personal accounts *and* without any advisory on their website even, PayPal began to charge for all money received unless it was specifically marked 'personal' by the sender. That's not the default option. Naturally, to benefit themselves, PayPal has the system default to 'purchase'. This means that they are charging a fee, which is their flat rate plus a percentage of the amount sent. What a rip off!

I'm livid at the change. This means that Mom, who can barely use the computer, now has another step to follow or even her money to me gets a fee charged to it. This is just not right. These are personal accounts and there shouldn't be any charge at all. I could maybe understand a simple transaction fee, but why do they need a percentage?

The answer? PayPal is a greedy company with no caring for the consumers that helped to give it the monopoly it has on the market. Citibank tried to get into the money transfer business several years ago, and they were great. Unfortunately, they just didn't catch on.

Since eBay purchased PayPal, it's been even worse. I actually question the legality of eBay fees being charged and then another PayPal fee to handle the money, especially since eBay has set it up so that PayPal is about to be the only way to even deal. Where's the attorney who can challenge this system? I'm waiting for the class action suit. Someone just needs to get angry enough.

I'm fighting for survival. I don't need to have some of the small earnings I may make off the internet chipped into by this greedy, uncaring company.

The sad part is that there just isn't any alternatives. Where's the government control? After all, this change was done without any notification at all - zero, zilch, squat. Is that legal? Even if it is, it's not fair. PayPal is not fair.

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